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Without A Touch

*Congratulations, thought it would have been me*

I loved him without a touch. Yet what is a touch? Is it physically running my hands up and down another's sensitive parts until they whisper my name and ask me to touch them on the inside parts?

Or is touch making someone whisper my name because I'm able to tickle the warm fuzzies in their soul, and make them hold on to the phone until the roosters moan of morning...

He was the latter.

Damn he made me horny. He mind fucked me so well that I didn't give a damn about another penis entering my vagina. He was the epitome of manhood and the portrait of my wet dreams. I was satisfied with sending him pictures of my butter pecan round ass and my cherry kissed nipples. Anxiously waiting for him to shyly but boldly ask for more and I always obliged.

He has seen me in every angle and no one could tell me I was not his... Between saving the world and breaking hearts he was my pillow.

He just lived by a code that I respected. It's a NY thang and I didn't expect anyone to understand. But I respected his boundaries. Yet if he just waved his hand I would appear before him.

I was bold in my wanting of him.  He was stern in keeping me at arms length.  We knew the explosion that would happen if we would ever allow the spark to turn to flame... He was my "Hancock" ...Still... I would call his number just to hear him say my name... 

...And then she answered.

The horniness drained from my eyes and flowed down my cheeks and wet my nipples.

"May I speak to `him'?"

With no hesitation nor hint of insecurity she called my man to the phone. He answered with a smile in his voice and his energy started the blood flowing back to my clitoris and my, "Hey you," begged for explanation.

"Baby girl where you been, how are you?"

"You know I'm out here being sexy and militant. I see your situation has changed."

"Changed indeed, married 1 year..."

*I can't believe it's over

We never really said goodbye

Thought we'd give it one more try

Felt our love was here to stay*

... And we spoke for an hour like a minute had not passed and I still loved him, though I never touched him.

The rest of my life I would search

down-strokes and


looking for him... But he never came... And life moved on like life always does... and being horny and not yet an Atheist, I chalked it up to, "God's will", but still and still and still... There is no God to force his will on me now...

* as long as I can breathe

You'll always be the one for me... ~Vesta

~ Nile

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