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The Line is Thin

The line is thin between love and hate. Yet no one ever speaks about the middle.

That's where I stood - not in love not in hate. I stood on that line indifferent as fuck.

He came over smelling the same as he did the last 9 months 8 days and 6 hours - he walked in.

The first time I smelled him I swear he took me to places I didn't want to go. I slowed my mind and allowed him all the time in the world to get all tangled up in it.

He was a smooth talker and he made love just as smoothly. Kisses placed just right. Hugs just tight enough to make me gasp and plead for more.

Had me wondering what was in store for tomorrow. Damn he left me wondering and

excited. Wanting... Always wanting...

I think he left me wanting too long because now all that shit is gone. Now his cologne filled the room and I rolled my eyes as he said some slick shit out the side of his mouth.

I was on that line. I didn't love him I didn't hate him I was just indifferent. A fucked up place to be! I didn't know whether to allow him to stay or yell, “GO!”

He slowly undressed and I allowed him to take those arms of his and wrap them around me. Damn. Why the fuck he hug so tight. Seems like we were in a fight… Each trying to gain position. I turned away from each kiss. Did he realize it or did he think he missed because of the throws of passion.

I started laughing when he collapsed on my breast. He looked at me puzzled. "Did you Cum?" he grunted.

"Nigga no," I continued to laugh.

"What the fuck is wrong?" He asked still out of breath. Still spreading that stinking ass cologne all over my room. I didn't answer. Nothing was wrong. How could I explain this shit to him? Nothing was wrong but not a damn thing was right.

Tonight was the last night and he doesn't know it, even though I showed it... Clueless motherfucker sleeping like he put in work. Who got him that cheap fucking cologne? Who taught his ass how to kiss? Sloppy, nasty, open-mouthed, smart mouthed, kung fu grip head ass!

Yep this is the last time... Them lines are thin...


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