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It was morning...

And we slept the night away... It happened and now we can't turn back the hands of time.

Shirley Murdock echoed loud in my head as I stared at the flaccid, thick, sweet penis of my friend’s husband.

I played the events in my head –

~~A few drinks between friends

~~A few truths about us both being in a difficult relationship

~~A hand placed on the right place at the right moment

~~A hug that lasted too long

~~A look into eyes that lingered

A kiss… the sweetest most innocent kiss… Just to let each other know, " I feel you, I see you, and it’s Okay."

Yet the kiss lasted a little too long and lips pressed tightly and parted slightly to welcome exploring hungry tongues. Hands went from shoulders to backs to ass to dick to breast to clit and there we were naked before each other.

For a second it seemed we both thought of one another’s significant others. For a split second we paused. Then lust took over again.

His wife was my friend; my man was his friend. We all met in college. I knew him first and actually introduced him to her. We all remained tight. It was obvious she no longer loved him and the late night talks trying to talk him into the right thing to say and do turned into this... And in my mind I justified me taking him and rocking him to sleep because of her inaction. He was a good man.

I kissed him slowly from the top of his head tracing a line to the tip of his manhood until it was deep in my throat. I allowed him to mouth-fuck me, letting out the frustrations of all he was not getting at home.

Then like a beast he pulled his God rod from my mouth and flipped me on to all fours and entered me fierce and hard and then gentle and loving. It felt so real. It felt as if we were the ones who should have hooked up in college, that we were righting some wrongs.

He came hard, pulling out of me and allowing the warm cream to flow on to my Carmel ass.

He then turned me over and placed his hands on my ready breast and planted his head between my legs.

"Tell me you want me, tell me you need me, tell me, tell me,” he pleaded. He was defeated and needed restoration. So I gave it to him as I spilled the juices from my contracting cervix into his open and thirst

y mouth.

He crawled up and laid his head on my stomach and I rubbed his head as he sobbed quietly.

We woke up in that position, he felt me move and he rolled over on to his back...

Now, after the love game has been played all of our reasons start to fade

... and I knew that it was nothing between us but pinned up hurt and sexual frustration.

He was my friend… She was my friend... And it was morning... We would go our separate ways. It happened and it would be placed in the vault of life, filed under memories, only to be opened in case of an emergency...


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