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Sometimes it is as simple as his hand in mine. Then at times like this it is as complicated as he is not mine.

Give him more time, I try to convince myself but today I've had enough so I called him up to test his bluff:

"Hello, just listen. Did you not say I was your best?

Did you not lay suckling at my breast?

Did I not hold you on cold lonely nights?

Did I not make all your wrongs right?

..... Silence.

" So what’s the problem?

We can solve them. Just leave your other and cling to me brother.

How much can a divorce cost?

You’re the man you’re the boss!

Who cares what the hell she Wants!

Am I being too Blunt?"

..... Silence

"The hell with your kids they grown, I am so sick of being alone!

I'm sick of being your whore undercover, (pun intended), it's time to make a decision lover.

I'm sick of this place that we are in.

So it's simple either we end or we begin...

It's simple let me know!!!!



..... Silence


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