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WAP Thoughts

Music is art and entertainment. Music gives us truth and sarcasm, petty and funny. Music gives us emotions for us to connect to and do with it, what we need and want to in our lives. We apply the music as we see fit. We listen to the music that caters to our likes and sometimes we are introduced to something a little outside of our normal and then we add that new substance of melodic notes to our musical arsenal.

I heard the new song “WAP” by Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion. I know that many have talked about this song in support of their song expression and some have deemed it despicable… I want you to understand a few things and see this song from a whole new angle…

When I first heard the song, it was on the SiriusXM radio and it was only a clean version. I had no idea what this song was about or what WAP stood for. You know what I heard? I heard a deep growling beat. I heard vocals that matched the beat… See, I was so heavy in thought about life things that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the lyrics. My mind was vaguely stumbling through which artists and how many of them there were. I was trying to decide on some heavy shit in my life and this song that I’d never heard before, comes on.

This song was “thee” song that was giving me that boost I needed to be confident in some decisions I was bout to make. It was telling me that I was strong, That I own me and my choices, that I was going to be alright no matter the outcome. It was telling me to get off my butt and stop prolonging shit that I know I should have and could have done. It was about 3 minutes of the best clarity I’d had in a while. It was a warm bath on a sore day. I needed that!

So, I didn’t get the experience some did when they first heard this song. Some people may have had my type of experience from this song, or another. Some songs/music just hit you right where and when you need it to and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the song because it’s just what you need in your time and in your moment…

That's what music does... and that’s what this song did for me.

Now since then, I’ve heard the song again and I now know what “WAP” stands for… I have an opinion… but I will still leave you with my first experience with this song in hopes that someone out there can relate.

~ Simone Daye

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