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Holiday Yasss

It’s the holiday season and that always brings a smile to my face. *finger snaps*

I know many people have been weary through this Covid climb, but I won’t let it take me out of the high spirits I’m use to. So many family’s won’t be able to see each other in close spaces, but there’s always Zoom, FaceTime, IMO, Duo and other avenues to share in the joy and love. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the ones that you want there, but not really… You know, the ones who show out when they show up. Drunk dancing and doing things some turn a blind eye to while others want to hold them accountable… but “Not in this family!” That’s what they say… and the victims suffer in silence to take it home when the days are over…

However, that aunt or uncle who sings so good that you blush in the ambiance of their voice, the one you can go to, to do hair and show you new skills in the kitchen, kids on games, ahhhhhh what a feeling. Let’s not forget the music… the music sets the tone. The older generation sets up some Kool and The Gang, Marvin Gaye, Detroit’s finest, Aretha and Patti LaBelle. The in-betweener’s will enjoy this music and those to come from the other generations from the 90’s up until this new TiK ToK era. The kids will show off with their dance routines, while someone will always be sneaking extra food. Ohhhhh the laughs, love and excitement this season brings.

So let me cut on this Jazz, hop in the shower, get comfortable and wind down with the thoughts of what’s to come. I’m ready!

~ Simone Daye

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