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Tonight Is Not A Soft Night

Tonight is not a soft night

And I am not a soft chic

If it bothers you when I say, give me your dick

Instead of using lavender euphemisms

Like… can I have your manhood

Then you should get dressed

you see... I have no lavender left

... And tonight is not a soft night

And I am not a soft chic

Tonight I don't want to be laid down softly

I want to be rode like a horsey

Drag me to my knees

Rub pre-cum on my lips

And tease me with the tip until my pussy drips...

Make me make that sound that hard smacking make

Make me shake like an epileptic

Is there a lavender word for, MOTHER FUCKER DO THAT SHIT?

Fuck me until I resurrect the word nigga

My pussy is a gun, clitoris the trigger


Tonight is not a soft night

I've waited for so long

I'm tired of hearing that same song, you telling me I come on a little too strong

You must understand

Tonight is not a soft night

And I'm not a soft chick

Give me hard dick and back flips

Sore lips, chains, whips

Now if your maleness can't handle this

It's alright... Just catch me on another night...

Because tonight... Is not a soft night

And I... Am not a soft chic...

".... I'm looking for a man to love me like I've never been loved before... Looking for man that would do it anywhere.... Even on a limousine floor.... Cause tonight I'm living in a fantasy... My own little nasty world..  Tonight don't you want to cum with me... Do you think ima nasty girl?

~Vanity 6

~ Nile

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