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The Way She Moves pt2

It’s been a few weeks and it seems like everything is on track, guess a little sex resets the mind. Reminds us of what we have. I was missing this. Knew that something wasn’t right, but that night… All I wanted was cheek to cheek in tossed sheets, ass groping and sucking the juices of her vaginal peach… and I loved every minute we spent.

She’s home after work now... We cook dinner together and share laughs. She’s back to walking around in my favorite lingerie… the one with the nipples out. My manly parts stand up in an, ‘Excuse me Miss’ way. Damn! I ache for her every minute. I love the feeling of loving her, totally.

We’ve planned date nights where we watch movies and cuddle. I play in her hair and she falls asleep in my lap.

The smell of her hair, that Herbal Essence of ‘Yes!’ makes me wanna protect her from everything in this cruel world and “Peaches and Cream,” devour her at the same time.

Tonight, she wakes up and we head to the room “Nice and Slow” I take her in my arms. She’s already moist and her moans are exciting. I… I find her silkiness with my manhood and we … “How does it feel” I hear D’Angelo playing in the background. She grips me with her inner self, I moan out, she smiles. She mounts me and… “Let this be your Motivation” …she’s slowly gyrating and swaying her hips. I grab them, but she pushes my hands down and leans back and holds my legs… oh the angle, then she changes speed. Shit! “Rock the boat, rock the boat, work it in the middle,” She grabs her breasts and I assist. She leans over me and I gladly take one breast into my mouth, then the other. I now grab her hips and we are thrusting in the darkness. “You got me feigning for you!”

I’m panting and shaking, while she’s matching my orgasmic excitement. We release simultaneously and fall to the bed. I hold her close Mario’s “Let me love you,” is playing softly in the background.

It was all worth it. I’m relieved I waited to talk because I ended up not having to… Her phone vibrates. As she’s picking it up, I quickly read the name Jamal… “Baby, I’ll be back, my sister needs me…”


To Be Continued…

~ Musa Simmons

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