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The Way She Moves

It's something about the way a woman moves that makes me forgive any sin ever committed against me. Music seems to be the connecting piece that allows my mind to drift. The right melodies carry me into a land of forgiveness and "one more chance" because her hips talk to me. Her breasts call out to me and I answer. With slow breaths, glazed eyes and inaudible praise, I cherish this being... woman.

I see her now... damp hair, towel barely draping her from breasts to thigh, hairbrush in hand, singing and swaying. She's smiling. Her teeth are perfect, except for that slight chip in the corner that I've grown to love. She looks at me and I melt. Everything I wanted to discuss is gone. I had so many questions. I was ready to present an ultimatum, tell her what I would no longer allow... but she looked at me, in that seductive way, and I wasn't ready to let her go.

She's tossing her hair in the mirror, then slow winding. She's leaning her back up against

the wall and with pursed lips, she's calling to me... No, she's singing that song, "Magic stick," teasing me. A nipple pops out... She blushes and tucks her towel securely under her armpit. I can smell her, that lavender and vanilla I'm so familiar with. I can taste her without even touching her...

"So give me all of you in exchange for me," I hear Bryson Tiller say. I did nothing wrong, but I'm starting to feel like I wasn't giving her the attention she needed... All I want is H.E.R. to "Focus" on me... us. See, music IS the key to communication. When you've run out of words, music can be that voice that's hard to interpret. She leans over the counter. "You belong to somebody else," Jacquees is yelling and she's just singing her heart out.

What is she trying to say?

She drops her towel and starts walking towards the bed.. lotion in hand. I feel myself getting hot. She's so sexy! Ne-Yo's "Mad" is playing now and I just want to grab her and apologize for all the shit she's done to me...

She puts one leg up on the bed to lotion her ankles, up her calf and to her thigh... I'm stuck, staring... she knows what she's doing. She's gyrating to the beat and humming ever so low. I'm entranced by her curves, the glimpse of hair I can see covering her womanhood.

"Hey babe," I say.

She leans her head to one side and smiles, "Yes?"

I hold my hand out for the lotion. She hands it to me and scoots back up against me... Damn!

"I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride, on you baby... all night long," that's all I needed to hear from SoMo.

I take the lotion and kiss her softly on her neck... back... I... I...

I'll save this talk for another day...

To Be Continued...

- Musa Simmons

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