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Sisters y'all alright?


In the beginning we had a basic sense of sisterhood

When one of us was thirsty we didn’t just offer the other a drink, if needed 

We helped them reach the fountain... 

No need to think… we just did…


Somewhere between puberty

And the need to be seen

We lost that basic sense.

Rivalry took the forefront

What “I” want instead of what “you” need

Greed… one of the seven deadliest sins

Thus begins our story... And ends our relationship.

Yet, it does not end me

I still feel the basic sense to offer a step up

A full cup… I would give you half…

I will not laugh at your pain…

I will celebrate your gains...

And not curse your name just because you might have hurt me...

We all make mistakes.

One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch.


Is important for “us” to survive…

It kept us alive through slavery.

Gave us bravery in the sight of Jim Crow…the Klan…

Holding your hand reminds me of who I am…

I cannot dismiss you…without dismissing myself.

So for a second… we need to put



Low self esteem

Past hurt

Need for the affections of a man… on a dusty shelf and remember

That we are more!

More than what the stereotypes make us out to be…

That we are more than cat fights and rivalries… We are Sisters… Queens

And we built this Nation!

And though some are lost…and will forever be somewhere

Between puberty and womanhood

Seeking Acceptance outside of self…

We can still embrace

And together climb the mountain.

And when I am thirsty don’t just offer me a drink…

Help me reach…the fountain …

Sawubona Queens!


Sawubono is a Zulu greeting, which means “I see you, you are important to me and I value you.” ... In response to this greeting, people usually say “Shiboka”, which means, “I exist because you see me.”

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