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Sharing the Night

The whiskey sour no longer went down hard. It traveled soft and I melted into the surroundings.  This bar was a new one.  Out of the way, empty, no chances of running into the familiar colognes, body sprays and re-used lines.  The air was different here.  It made me horny.  

The pretty brown sister that kept my glass full asked me if I wanted another.  I am sure she was flirting with me and I was flattered.  I nodded to her smile and she shook the ingredients of my drink together as if she was wrapping her legs around her lover teasingly.  I looked into her eyes showing my appreciation of her subtly.  She placed my drink on a blue napkin and moaned... 

"This one is on him."  

 She pointed down the bar and I noticed a smile in the dark. 

I did not invite him over… But I did not stop him from coming.   I was very satisfied in the dance I was playing with the bartender. Still... He sat.  Smelling like sage and lemon.  It tickled my noise and awakened my curiosity. 

"You're looking kinda lonely girl

Would you like someone new to talk to, ah yeah alright

I'm feeling kinda lonely too

If you don't mind can I sit down here beside you?

Ah yeah alright" 

I didn't know I was lonely, but I didn't mind allowing the sedative in my cup to make me think I was.   I thanked him for the drink and he touched my shoulder without a word.  We sat there in silence as I admired his low cut, well-lined Afro.  His shoulders looked strong and his skin took me back to the Motherland. I could have sworn I heard drums in the distance.   

I did not know him and I did not want to.   I just wanted to lean over and put my head on his shoulder without question.  So I did.  He didn't say a word; he just made room for me there. 

"If I seem to come on too strong

I hope that you will understand

I say these things 'cause I'd like to know

If you're as lonely as I am

And if you mind

Sharing the night together," 

He moved his hand to my lap and gently stroked my leg.  He received no rejection so he moved his hand higher up my black skirt and rubbed my inner thigh.  I'm sure I moaned, not as if it would have mattered because he moved his hand higher.  His hands were Shea butter soft as if he never worked the land.  Yet hands strong as if he cut the trees down in ancient forest and built communal homes for the ancestors.  

His thumb brushed the lips of my panty-less vagina. 

I looked up and saw the bartender’s lips parted and she seductively fondled her long braids, staring at me.  I stared back as I felt fingers enter the wetness of my Yoniverse…  Slowly as one would enter a dark room.  Then quicker as if he smelled warm breads baking and a toasty fire welcoming him home. 

My head remained on his shoulder, safe.  My eyes stayed on her, lustful.  I grabbed his hand and danced with the motion as it entered and exited the increasing wetness of my garden. 


He was fucking me with each finger; taking the time to explore the clit and making sure each finger had its turn.   She continued to stare at me watching my eyes open and close in ecstasy.  

She walked over to us and he stopped. For the first time I heard his voice, as if he taught lions to roar, he beckoned her to open her mouth.  Slowly he removed his fingers from my hungry grip and slipped them in her mouth one after the other... She sucked on them and he fucked her mouth as he had just fucked my honey pot.  Leaving me in a wave of orgasmic ecstasy. 

She didn't once take her eyes off of mine as she placed another drink in front of me... And then him... And we continued to sip in hungry anticipation...

"We could bring in the morning girl

If you want to go that far

And if tomorrow finds us together

Right here the way we are

Would you mind?

Sharing the night together..." 


Song excerpt, Sharing the Night By Dr Hook

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