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Harlem meets the Bronx

The Rucker kisses the home of hip-hop

Sassy bubbles blown

and Playful jabs…  making them pop

licking the sweetness from sticky fingers tips

then tasting the residue on cotton candy flavored lips...

One night planning lifetimes... 

You called me baby

and I called you king

We bring love to these dirty streets 

We brought forever before the street lights came on

Evelyn champagne king 

was the song that illustrated our eternity . 

"Shame... Mama thinks it's only a game... But what you do to me is a SHAME!" 

and who the fuck was going to tell us this wasn't love 

we committed crimes as we jumped turnstiles 

the staircase became our penthouse of dreams

and it all seemed like it would never end... 

but as all love stories do

there was once... a you

... and a me

and a we... 

Then the street lights came on... And we headed home and our 4ever faded with dusk... 

Years later whenever I taste the flavor of cotton candy on my lips... I remember

You used to call me baby... 

and I called you King... 

… Praises to the horniness that innocence kisses. 

"Love is in my heart

Tearing the rules apart

So, why should I be ashamed

Only love can be to blame

If we lose our love it's a Shame

Ooh, I wouldn't want to live with the pain

Gonna stay forever..."



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