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Kisses on top of his bald head

Smelling his thoughts

Lingering in the moment

Waiting for him to move

He doesn’t

He thinks deeper

Sending vibrations of




I feed on his energy

Lips glued to the sticking point

I, a receiver


Waiting to be full

It doesn't come...

The fullness...

Hunger subsides

and I slide from head to Lips

Kiss to be kissed

And we melt into a dimension where words are...



Musical notes

... And with any other, this shit would seem strange ...But with him... it's just another Astral plane that we exist in...

We on some "Me and him only."

By the time the light from our journey reaches the bystanders

We would have ascended anew...

Just light baring witness to what we do...


No need to define this...

We just vibe

Lip to lip

What is time when we are dancing outside of the matrix?

This, yes this, "absorption"

We experience

Can only be explained in mathematical equations...


While my heartbeat catches up to yours...

Grounded... but for a second...


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