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You say you want all or nothing???

I would be frontin'

if I acted unafraid

you see

if I gave you all

I would have nothing

Unless you promised me something

to fill up the emptiness

Will you bless me with your life giving seed

so that my need for you

will be reborn with each sexual encounter

Will it be counter-productive

if I swallowed

since it will be killing thousands of you that could populate and fill the world with your genius???

baby I know how this might sound

but I am just a noun needing your touch to move me to verb status

will you trust me with your touch??

if I melted in your clutch

will you restore me  with your wand

and wish me back whole

I am so out of control, every time I see your face

whether in my mind or in my space

its all the same

I was baptized in your name and now I am a born again poet

writing just for your pleasure

so measure my desire for you with each pen stroke

and don’t judge my silence as disregard

understand that you provoke my shyness and its hard... to pull myself together enough to endure the changes in weather... that you produce in my being

I guess I said all this nothing,

hoping that you see the something in my tone

and to answer your inquiry, with a yes,

I stand before you undressed, to profess-

You can have it all...

~ Nile

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