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One of Those Days

I woke up a little early trying to get a start on the day. I grab the package that needed to be mailed, car keys, and purse.

Run to the car... forgot my phone and glasses. Run back in, grab my phone aaand the baby's asking for breakfast. “Get your brother!” I yell before zooming out the door.

In the middle of running errands, I get a text that the dog threw up and the baby spilled milk all over the kitchen floor. I realize I forgot my glasses. I breathe deep with a slow inhale and exhale.

I speak firm but calmly into the phone, “Put gloves on and clean up the dog’s area and tell your sister to clean the milk, Goodbye.”


“Damn, the light’s changed,” I think, as I turn right. The guy that was behind me keeps straight and he flicks me off while mumbling something. “Who cares?”

I cut on some music and relax myself. In tense situations, I like to be calmed, musically. Music re-centers my thoughts. It can add some calming relaxation or some up-tempo energy to my thoughts. And since thoughts can lead to actions… I choose to relax in

unnecessary intense times.

It’s now late in the afternoon.

I get home; grab my things, rush in the house and stumble on a shoe that was left right in front of the door. I loose my footing and bend my knee in an awkward position.


“Who left their shoe, better yet, who PUT their shoe in front of the door?” “Because it wasn’t there when I left!”

“Not me”

“Not me”

The baby says, “Mot me.”


I push past, heave things on the counter and head to my room.

I feel tears welling up, but I know it’s not THAT bad… so I fight them back.

I forgot to put away laundry, so I can’t even – backwards pool dive- onto my bed.

I walk back out the room and I’m met, “Ma, what’s for dinner?”

I roll my eyes and continue to walk towards the kitchen.

I had no clue what to cook. I open the fridge. “No one took out –

“It’s on the top shelf,” my son yells.

I see the hamburger meat sitting on the shelf. I grab it, start the rice and season the meat.

Before putting the meat on, I cut the television on and set it to airplay. I find my favorite Podcast radio and turn the music on.

Ahhhh! I begin to find my rhythm and toggle cooking, dancing and singing. The kids hear me and they come join me. We are talking, laughing, dancing and singing. The house fills with such great energy.

I finish the cooking and make dinner plates. We continue to enjoy the sounds as the episodes change. I glance around and we are having a lot of fun eating and listening to music. I do a little shimmy dance. They laugh and I excuse myself to the bathroom…


It’s THAT time…

I finish up, wash my hands and head back out to join the kids. They are still smiling and enjoying dinner with music.

Now it all makes sense…

“Make music your soul's desire and music will love you back!”

~ Simone Daye

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