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Music for the Soul

Can you imagine life without music? Can you picture a television commercial, program, or movie with no music in the background to set the scene? The answer is no. Music is a word which can make every one’s mood change. It can alter a chain of events, make person healthy, introduce the creation of a new baby and many more. There are many benefits of that one single thing called music. It's like magic. Music dose not have an age barrier. It does not cast out people. It is not specific to a certain set of rules. It can be transformed and rebuilt. It can be reawakened and everyone has the benefits of choosing their style of music. Some enjoy the soft songs, some hip-hop, some instrumental and fast music that has a catchy beat. Some enjoy country music that tells a story. Many forget about the art of poetry and Spoken word and how (to a beat) it can be one of the best sounds played that can do many of the above-mentioned things too.  

Many people love watching live performances of musical bands and musical groups.  With the new pandemic of CoVid19, it is hard to do, but many artists have made the availability live through Social Media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is tune in and watch them perform from their homes. Many DJ's have also been able to get you in the right moods by going live and just playing some of the hottest music known. As a viewer, you have many genres to choose from and that's where you go... right from the comfort of your home.

I think music is needed right now. Many people are going insane with these new social distancing rules and regulations. We've had people pass away and babies born without loved ones there to support. Some people are home suffering in silence and music can help with that. Music is uniting.

I encourage you to get on your music sites and websites, like Verbal Ink... The Midday Fixx!!! where you can find thousand of songs of different categories and various sounds and just tune in while tuning out of your everyday life.

You can workout, write (as I am doing now) perform your essential duty (for those still holding down our front lines). Some sites are providing music teachers, for those people who want to learn music. They offer the art of playing music and even choreography of dancing to music and finding where the beats hit.

Besides entertainment, music plays a very vital role in curing and treatment of people; Music therapy is an integral part of primitive medicine.

Many of us are aware of the word "depression" and it is a dangerous thing that can cause self inflicted injuries and even death for those deeply affected. Musical therapy can help. It's not a cure, but it can be a source of comfort and relief. It can help the energy flow and be encouraging when we feel the world is no longer a place we want to be.

Soothing music has been seen and proven to lower the levels of the body's catecholamine (stimulatory chemicals such as adrenalin). This soothing action can lower heart rate, blood pressure and the amount of free fatty acids in the blood, leading to reduced risks of migraines, hypertension, and coronary heart disease. These are all important factors, which are hidden in the sounds of music and can be easily obtained. You just have to exercise your fingers and let your ears and body do the rest.

“Make music your soul's desire and music will love you back!”

~ Simone Daye

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