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Miss You, Miss You, Miss You

Pulling up into his driveway behind his boring black Nissan sentra instantly gave me regrets.

It became an obligation more than a pleasure.  He has become predictable and our relationship stagnant.   I didn't do stale and today would be my last day.  It was time to end this 8-month chapter. 

Unlocking the door with my key, I placed my keys on the hook and turned to close and lock the door.  My breath was forced from my body as I was shoved hard into the red wooden door.

 I turned around raising my right hand to land a precise black belt trained chop to a pressure point.   My right hand was pressed above my head with his left hand and his right added pressure to my neck pinning me harder against the door.  I raised a knee to hit nuts and he pressed his body hard against mine; I was conquered.

Lips pressed hard onto mine and I inhaled his exhales and the familiarity of the smell made me relax.  I surrendered to the passion:

"Miss you, Miss you, Miss you..."

He hummed between my open and closed lips.  He released my hand and softly allowed me wiggle room when he noticed I no longer fought a stranger. 

He used his tongue to trace a path from my lips to my shoulder and nibbled on a spot I forgot existed and he whispered:

"Every honey dipped sugary kiss from you..."

He took his left and right hand and placed them on my thin t-shirt.  With a swift show of strength and dominance he ripped the shirt open exposing my braless, surprised, cold and wanting breasts.  Silencing my slight outcry with two fingers shove into my already parted lips:

"I would kill to share in this bliss with you"... 

He rescued my cold nipples with the warmth of his soft, hungry mouth.  He worked on my left nipple as his right hand massaged the right. I sucked his fingers as if they were the "God rod." Running my tongue down to the knuckles and sucking them in and out of my mouth greedily:

"Oh baby, I miss you, Miss you, Miss you." 

Satisfied that my left nipple was warmed and diamond hard he switched hand with mouth and mouth with hand he started working on the right.  Running his tongue around in circles and placing bites perfectly… making my knees weak.  His body pressed against mine kept me steady:

"You taunt and tease me baby..." 

He stopped suddenly and unbuttoned my shorts, pulling them down to my ankles.  I stepped out of them. He looked into my eyes and forced his tongue into my mouth.  It was met with eager frenzy: 

"Drive me crazy with the thoughts of what could be..."

He placed each hand underneath the crease in my buttocks and

lifted me until I was balanced on his shoulders:

"Tear me down, break my heart, and then leave me..."

He sucked my clit into his mouth and reminded me of what the fuck his name was as he played a ballad with each lick and flick and slurp.  He held me steady as I balanced myself leaning back onto the wood of the door.  His tongue entered my vagina. 

In and out… in and out. 

He allowed me to voice my pleasure as he alternated fingers and tongue, fingers and tongue, until my legs tightened against his head.   I lost my balance weakened by the flow of the passionate orgasm that I released into his slurping mouth.  He caught me and carried me over to his brown couch and replaced fingers and tongue with unfamiliar dick.  He was new as if he knew: 

"We will live forever off of the memories..."


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