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I am not always an

X-rated poet

But if I feel the need to show it... I will.

and this moment

He needs it

He sits there waiting


If my prose is equal to my experience

I am not young, he is not old

and he was told that maybe, I had that good stuff

I can tell he likes it rough

by the way his voice gets raspy when I play in that nappy.

No baby don't shave

I like the natural for days...

Can I stimulate your imagination?

Let's dance off some Temptations.

You can concentrate on my hand rubbin that place in your back.

Can you feel that?

Sure you can.

I bet you did not think I would be the woman

to make you think about love again

I am a pen

and you are my ink

I want you to sink your quill deep into my will to fight

let me bite your ears gently

until your mind and body agrees

You want me...

So bad, that your pants unbutton, without help.

A little yelp leaves your lips as you hear me unzip, my own.

I see that bone baby

Is it mine?

I don't sleep around, so this ground, that we are breaking

and the bed that we will be shaking

will be exclusive.

Speak to me baby, is your imagination at the point of explosion?

I see you, I'm not psychic, but I know

that you needed a little release

You're welcome

Thank you's not needed...


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