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I Looked Over to the Left...

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The pleasure to close my eyes and water the orchid without shame has been freeing.  My past life of eternal sin kept me on my knees guilty of being human. Ohhhh I was horny.

I was not however horny for another's touch. I was horny for the expertise of my own manicured fingers.  I wanted to openly enjoy the love affair I had with the only person that could fulfill me totally, myself.

"Oops there goes her shirt up over her head, oh my... In a trance from this body so buttery brown... Oh My... I looked over the left"... And what I saw in the mirror was beautiful.

It was the body of a mature woman, smooth and pleasing...

Eyes brown and wanting. I ran my hands over my breasts and thanked myself for creating me.  Who else was more deserving of the rushing of juices that would flow down my vaginal canal, but me?

I worked for this. I paid my bills. I paid for my car; cash no payments. I maintained the locs that flowed to my shoulders and smelled of lavender and lemon. I took care of this skin with coconut oil infused with rosemary oil, so that it was was baby soft to the touch and maintained my shape.   I did this shit! I was a kept woman... I kept me. I alone knew how to love me...

"I looked over to the left..."

Perfection. I arched my back to welcome myself into myself completely... I bit my lip and announced my name to the universe to remind it of its creator.

The contractions of my vaginal walls played a rhythm with my heartbeat and my breath.

"I love you"

I whispered as I held the love of my life gently and snuggled under my fleece blanket.

I prayed to myself, the only one worthy to be praised, and I fell asleep in the arms of my savior...

Author ~Nile

I looked over to the left... Oh my... 💋💋

*Song reference ~Tweet

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