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One with the Earth

Birthed from the Sun

Civilization begun

In my womb

Entombed is the DNA of the rainbow

With the rain I grow

With tears I die

With each lie, my heart shrivels

The clouds form images of my pain

I am the cross, Mercy and grace, my name

My own people cause me to wear scarlet in shame

I committed adultery alone

I sat on the throne

I was killed from a poisonous bite

I have screamed Victory as I charge and Fight!!!!

... And now I have come to this point,

Loving you,

He whom is supposed to be my savior

And with the smell of deceit you wield your sword

And slay my spirit…my…soul…my destiny

Here I lay, summoning the energy from the earth's roots

into my veins

They say man is supposed to be God…

They say the serpent was the deceiver of Old

I guess it depends on who told the story

Whose glory was meant to shine?

I want to offer, that science was correct and man crawled from the slime,

Fighting and clawing his way to his first breath…

And I, Woman, the creator of all, was left, holding the Apple.


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