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He Called

We had developed a text relationship. Seemed to be the norm in this world of social media. I preferred it. I guess I was in my introvert stage of the year. I Kept men at a distance and at this point a distance is were I wanted them kept... but then...

He called and I was so enthralled with seeing his name on my screen I almost did not answer.

...I held the phone so tight

Thinking that if I loosened my grip

His essence would slip between my fingers...

He captured every bit of my remembering.

Dreams and fantasies, to simply caring about hugs and rubs and laughter.

Damn the complete orgasmic pulsating of every nerve ending. I didn't even know how lost I was but I was found.

I exhaled my, "hello", and inhaled his, "hey you."

In seconds I was transported to that place where

His face covered the walls of our home and we lived "the hell with it all" and made love and fucked and bit tender sensibilities.

Free from! No tip toeing over each other’s restrictions...

Popping veins to inject each other with each other... Addiction...sweet... addiction...

It was all about Him.

...Silence confirmed mutual vibrations. We tuned into the learning... or should I say re-learning... what always has been...

Art in the sin of needing each other.

I have never been a phone person...

Until... He called...


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