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I am a desperate lover

Needing every piece every-time

Don't confuse desperation with being needy

It's much more serious

Desperation causes one to seek without ceasing that which is wanted

Desperation is bold and concise never pitiful and teary eyed

Desperation can lie until the truth believes

Desperation can’t cling to parts... it desires wholes and will crawl on hands and knees until they bleed seeking that which is desired...

Through the fire

Facing the chastising of the proud

Through the drought

Enduring the loss of image

Desperation is very slow to give in

And again is a verb tattooed on the heart because desperation is never satisfied...

Understand me...

I am a desperate lover...

Once my sights are set on you... you will be satisfied

But I never will be

You will be exhausted trying to please me

But you will be well pleased.

You will feed all of my hungers yet I will starve ...No matter how much you give... I will be a glutton who lives for more of you... My lover...

I will be your best and your last…

Desperation does not let go...

Open the cold dead hand of desperation and in it you will find hearts.

Who loses in this exchange? Well of course I do darling... I always will.


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