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Church Crimes

When I was happy it was God. When I was sad it was the devil. I had nothing unless it was giving by the great divine. I was but a pawn in a game of a narcissistic God.

I was told about God by my family. I was indoctrinated without a choice. I was violated by adults calling on the name of Jesus and then told to forgive because

"Vengeance is mine says the lord."

God and black culture is a relationship that mimics slave and master. We were given no hope as slaves but that things would be better in heaven. We were taught to be obedient and that slavery was ordained by God. Black people got angry and fought the oppressor but this theory of God they did not recognize as being the same shackle, the same whip. We fought against the atrocity of slavery but kept the mentality.

Walk into most black homes and on the wall is a symbol of oppression a white man who

ordained slavery and even wrote a book that included a manual on how to treat your slave. Follow most black people into religion and watch as they forgive the prejudice and brutality that has befallen the black race since the mass enslavement and follow up oppression.

We … we pray for those who murder us, as we are weakened and fall to our knees instead of standing tall and fighting.

The preacher is a celebrity that forms a hypnotic trance upon its sheep weekly.

With the aid of music and promises and seductive words we leave church waiting for our next fix. Religion was used as a tool to keep us docile. The black preacher was told what he was allowed to preach. The slave was given Sundays off to attend church and couldn't read so he put his hope into this mystical savior. The brainwashing did not happen overnight it took generations. Slaves were beaten if they practiced their own spirituality and culture was ripped away along with language and a sense of self. Imagine over 300 years of this systematic mental and physical genocide.

So the black man is freed into a prejudice, racist nation most only finding hope in religion. A generational curse.

How much has changed? Go into any church and you will see the remnants of defeated slaves. How can any black man justify following the religion of their oppressor yet alone believing in a God that said slavery is cool just follow the rules in my book. Brainwashing!!!!!

I knew all of this and still for 30 years I played the pawn. The abuse that goes on in church and the harm it does to one's soul is devastating... It's a crime. I am glad I freed myself and realized I am the only god I need.


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