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Break in the Revolution

He saw me before I saw him...

You looking for me, Warrior?

Are you in need of rest?

The revolution to free minds is long

... I understand at times you need soft songs

So allow me to sing to you...

I want you to run your tongue from my lips to my clit

So you can taste my thoughts as I spill verse after verse in your mouth,

Man, let’s keep it real,

I want to deep throat your petrified rod until you scream to pagan gods

I want to lay you on your back and plant kisses up and down your spine while reaching under you and stroking your resurrection

I want you to enter my wetness slowly while reciting a poem

I usually don’t swallow, its full of pollutants if the minds not right

Yet, I would swallow you because I know your insides are pure with the light,

You will taste like ancient scrolls of knowledge

My God of ancient tongue,

I promise you if you drip your generations I won’t waste one ----

what I don’t capture upon my lips I will capture in my caverns grips,

Screaming your name like a prayer

Knowing that I might only have seconds for you to be there,

I would lay by your side.

I felt old, until your Midas touch of gold,

Reminding me of the treasures that I hold-

My belief in the Savior is renewed and I promise you he is not a Jew-

Crucify me on your body as you lay like a cross upon my altar

pierce me with your ancient spear,

Will you offer me sips of vinegar prolonging my agony?

Or allow me taste of Red fruits from ancestral vines

Killing me slowly only to rebuild my temple and label me renewed?

I bow... offering my self to you no struggle no fight--

Will you have me? Even if just for the night...

You can return to saving the world come sunlight.


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