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And He Knew Her Part 2

Jesus I was waiting for the church members to rush in and drag him to some secret place away from the temptations I was about to throw on his ass.   

He kissed me back on the lips... Slowly and hard as if he wanted me to know his intentions were not pure. Ending our kiss he led me to the elevator.  He stood behind me as others entered.  

He wrapped his Arms around my waist and pulled me against him.  I could feel the hard press of his thickness against my back. I reached my hand behind me and placed it on his bulge and just held it there feeling the blood pumping through it like a coronary artery.




People got on and off... And the pump, pump, pump, of his penis straining to leave its constraints played a melody on my hand.   *Ding* floor eight.  He pushed me gently to exit the elevator. Leading me into the room he turned to me. 

"How do you feel?" 

I looked at him intensely. 

"Honestly, like I'm about to make you have to pray for forgiveness in the morning." 

He didn't say anything he just started unbuttoning his shirt as I sat on the bed watching.

GOD BE DAMNED.  His body was amazing.  Not in a body builder, "look at me I work out" way.  Amazing in an, "I was born beautiful and I don't have to do shit to look like this" way.  It was effortless.  Just smooth chocolate waiting to be licked.  He watched me stare at him. 

"Make me pray for forgiveness huh?" 

He leaned against the table and studied me.

"Why are you looking at me as if you have never seen me without a shirt?" 

I didn't realize how hard I was staring.

"Because this is the first time I actually am ready to make love to you. "

 I whispered. 

"Oh really, first you tell me you gonna make me pray for forgiveness now you are talking about having sex.  A lot of assumptions floating around."

 He spoke slowly as he started taking his pants off rather matter factually.

 He stood naked before me and leaned against the table and we looked at each other.

"I’m waiting." he said 

I didn't Answer.  He walked towards the bed where I was still sitting, dick swinging by my lips. I was still frozen in that spot.  I suddenly felt a little disgusted. 

"What a hypocrite." 

 I thought. 

"Singing to the glory of his sky daddy one minute and the next, hard dick swinging within sucking distance." 

One of the reasons I left religion is because of the hypocrisy of it all.  The roulette playing of forgiveness.  No accountability... Just a few Hail Mary's, or a communion Sunday and then off again to sin. 

He must have seen the change in my demeanor because his hard dick was now limp as he sat beside me on the bed. 

He took my hand and said nothing.  Like he knew exactly what I was thinking.   He sighed. 

"You are judging me aren't you? 

It's been five weeks, beautiful.  I have a little insight on your thoughts.  You feel that I'm too easy for a Christian man?" 

I turned to look at him and my damn heart melted.  He was so damn gorgeous.  Not the looks the whole.  Everything about him. 

"I am never going to believe in God. I'm more interested in the moment and what I manifest."  

I blurted out just in case he thought his "god rod" would put the holy ghost into my loins and save me. 

"I'm never gonna give a fuck about kemet. I'm more interested in America and our rights here."

He squeezed my hand when he replied.  We both laughed falling against each other. 

"So, let's both stay in the moment and work all that other shit out later."  He said as he leaned in for a kiss and our mouths hummed ancient melodies and we moved closer into each other.

We made love and both called out to god. Neither one of us cared which out of the over 5000 answered. 

Which came first god or sex? 

In this moment it was I that came first and it was him that sung my praises. 

We knew each other biblically two more times. Though Tonight I'm sure he will pray for forgiveness while I slept like a baby...

~ Nile

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