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A DJ Saved My Life.... Part I

“When the sun sets, and the night comes around... I can feel my emotions coming down."

Force MDs were taunting me as I walked into the party. I don't know why I even bothered coming out. I wish I were horny. It would replace the stench of fresh heartbreak.

Yes, he got your girl. Almost had me believing in that real again. But the pressure left him a lump of coal and never manifested the diamond he claimed he was... So I walked out. I don't stay past goodbye. But it still hurt. Like death hurts those left behind.

So here I am. Three day mourning period over. Cried a tear in the bucket now fuck it. Might as well help another hopeful soul celebrate their birthday. I walked into a blue-lit room. I could barley see shit but I found my way through the haze and leaned on a sweaty wall.

I must have walked in on the downside of the night because the DJ was heavy on the

slow jams. He smoothed Luther Vandross into the air and paused to take a sip from his red cup. Our eyes met.

He finished off the contents of his cup and put the headphones back up to his ear.

"Here we are in this little empty room staring each other down... You want me just as much as I want you..." he played the Prince version and I felt my soul soften.

"Oh that's my shit. What heartbreak?" No heartbreak can exist when Prince was in the mix.

He looked up at me again and spun the record back.

"Do me baby... Ooooh Do me baby." He played with that mix making it sound like spoken word, occasionally looking up to make sure I was still watching... I was.

Was he playing with me? He allowed the song to breathe and came from behind the set up and walked to where I was standing.

"You a Prince fan? " he leaned over and asked.

His voice made me squeeze my legs together and the smooth brown of his skin pressed slightly against my cheek gave me a chill.

"I'm a good music fan." I replied.

"OK, don't move." He ran a finger across my cheek and went back to work.

"... if I ever fall in love again, I will be sure that the lady is a friend..."

Oh he wanted to play. I was here for it. I swayed my hips to the melody and watched him expertly accentuate particular words and bring back certain phrases as he shot seductive glances my way.

"…want to soak into you like rain

Make love until my energy drains

And as lust erases all shame

You'll scream my name out of pleasure, not pain..."

I felt my nipples press against my blouse and I wanted to release them and dance nude in front of this man who was taking away all the tears in my heart.

He put his mouth to the mic and whispered,

" If you just say yes... "

To be cont...


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