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A DJ Saved My Life... Part 2

I had to close my eyes to keep it real. When I opened them back he was no longer there. He pulled me to him. My back to his chest. I felt the bulge in his pants as he slowly grinned against my ass. His warm breath against my neck. I turned to face him he was not there. I looked up and he was back in place. Beautiful hands spinning another jam.

"The time is right

You hold me tight

And love's got me high

Please tell me yes

And don't say no, honey

Not tonight

I need to have you next to me

In more ways than one."

This time it was him that closed his eyes. Major Harris making love to these lyrics took him someplace. This time when he opened his eyes it was I who wasn't there.

He didn't seem surprised when he felt my breast pressing against his back. He grabbed my right hand and placed it on his. I followed his motion as he switched records and played with buttons and lights. Occasionally teasing the crowd with his hypnotic voice.

I moved my hand from his and slid it down his front until it rested on his penis. He allowed me there but didn't miss a beat. I massaged the thickness until it became one with my hand.

"Always and forever

Each moment with you is just like a dream to me

That somehow came true..."

He took off his headphones and turned to me. He tilted his head and placed lips to

mine. He sucked the top and then the bottom and then allowed his tongue to explore. I was moist and he was hard and there was no shame in the dance that we allowed others to witness.

"Melt all my heart away with a smile..."

His hand was under my shirt playing with my breast with the same expertise that he played the vinyl. I didn't care if he undressed me and fucked me on the speaker at this point.

To be cont...


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