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A DJ Saved My Life... Conclusion

He turned to me breathless, "Go into the room on the right." His command my order.

I obeyed.

I heard the song change and he informed the room that he would be taking a little break.

"Making love in the rain,

I can't believe the joy it brings me.

It's just a little thing,

but it means so much to me.

Our bodies together,

while the rain plays a melody."

He entered the room to Herbie Hancock and me waiting for instructions.

He kissed me slow and undressed me fast. Before I could fully admire the copper colored king who stood before me he placed a condom on his God Rod, lifted me on a table and entered my dew drenched orchid slowly.

He feathered kisses all over my neck as I blended Herbie Hancock with my moans.

"I was waiting for you." He stopped and looked at me.

"That's why I'm here," I returned the intensity.

"I'm serious, I saw you before at a function, you were with some clown who looked like his hands were too small to hold you. I was told you might be here tonight. I almost gave up and then I looked up."

I didn't remember him, yet if I was with the little boy I was now trying to get over I know why I didn't notice. Like I said that clown had your girl.

"Well I'm glad I came and I am glad you were waiting. And you are right his hands were too small to hold me."

He kissed me harder and longer pausing to speak affirmations into my universe.

He proceeded to mix the hell out of Herbie with side hits and long strokes, back shots and quick burst of aggression and then back to slow melodic deliberate grooves.

🎶"My love here comes the rain.

My love here comes the rain.

My love here comes the rain.

My love here comes the rain."🎶

We held nothing back as the orgasm caused us to join voice with the music and then collapse into each other.

"Thank you, I needed you to add color to my dream." His kiss was a promise and he adjusted himself back to a state of dress.

"Thank you," I hummed. "Tonight, you saved my life."


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