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Who iz 4IZE?

Tony Hayes 3rd, better known by his stage name "4IZE" is an American rapper from the Oak Park suburban area of Chicago. The origin of his stage name stems from constantly being ridiculed as a youth for wearing corrective glasses. Using the strength and confidence that GOD had installed in him, he decided to take the word "four eyes" which was intended to have a negative connotation and turned it into a positive household name for which we now love and know him as "4IZE".

4IZE began his musical career in 1991.

His first group named "Loud Mouth Hooligans" included Ludacris, 4IZE and others. The group competed locally in talent shows and showcases.

A member of his group, Ludacris, born "Christopher Bridges" and Ludacris's family relocated from Chicago to Atlanta, ultimately dismantling the group as 4IZE remained living in Chicago.

During the late 1990's, Ludacris started working as a DJ for a well established radio station in Atlanta which allowed him to build a diverse professional client list and opened doors of opportunities for his music career.

4IZE relocated to Atlanta in 1999 to rejoin his childhood friend with good intentions on revamping his music career which awarded him credits on Ludacris's albums "Back For The First Time" (2000) and "Word of Mouf" (2001) which were both cited as certified 3x Platinum Albums.

4IZE has a reputation that proceeds him. I would absolutely credit his success and longevity in the industry, first by being a hard working, honest, humble, GOD fearing human being and secondly, he is arguably one of the dopest rappers to ever rock the microphone! Last, but not least, his best friend is Ludacris!

There was a point in time that you couldn't walk near a building, wall, postal box or bus, while riding Marta, without spotting a 4IZE poster or sticker. I've always admired his hustle game, his ability to be able to balance a music career, personal life and hold down a job working inside of the West End Mall. After all, this is where I had the pleasure of meeting 4IZE while out shopping for new clothes.

4IZE has a long list of YouTube freestyle uploaded content and music videos for you to enjoy. His latest projects includes, but are not limited to the album's and credits listed below:

● Ludacris - Back For The First Time 2000

● Ludacris - Word Of Mouf 2001

● Fantastic 4IZE 2007

● 4IZE vs Ludacris 2018

● United Ultra Beast 2019

● Look Into My IZE 2020

● Push The Court 2020

● Stay Ignorant x Taib Kweli (Digital Single)

● Bout Dat Business x Shawn Price x Number 2 ( Digital Single)

● Game Face

● Push Featuring 4IZE x Ultra Beast x Produced by Grammy Nominated D.R.U.G.S. Beats

● Big Belly Ish featuring 4IZE x Olufemi Ya'meen x Ohreally Produced by Grammy winning DJ Green Lantern

As the old saying goes, it's better to hear the story from the horses Mouf! I would like to Invite you to watch his video on YouTube titled "How'd that work out" Produced by 9th wonder.

Written by: Olufemi Dakim Fortson

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