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LOX 'Living off Xperience'

LIVING OFF XPERIENCE is the forthcoming album from the trio. This album was a missed opportunity to show growth in their artistry. The term " living off - experience" usually refers to a person that has elevated, gotten wiser, stronger and better over the years by learning from experience. The LOX are one of my favorite rap groups, which is why it pains me to give this type of album review.

This 14 track album starts with the usual street, tough guy talk on "Gave It to em." The album continues for a few more tracks, with one of them being "Bout Shit" featuring DMX. This song disappointed me the most. This was their reunion as the "Ruff Ryders" and I was hoping to hear a more mature version of them. DMX could have definitely seized his moment in the spotlight to showcase his growth, given his controversial past and his current age status. I grew up on gritty New York street music... but I have grown up, and would love to hear them as adult contemporary Hip-Hop OG'S.

I've always made it my business to research and read or listen to products a minimum of 5 times, in order to give the most thorough, honest and unbiased reviews. With that being said, I found myself waiting for tracks like: "Testify, Miss You, Do to me, My America, Commitment, Love and Loyalty" where the LOX was able to show the perfect amount of balance and personal growth while simultaneously holding on to that gritty street sound.

Their choices of music production and features were average, nothing really stood out as a banger and It seems at times, the song placements weren't well thought out. In addition, there are two songs that I thought were very different from the flow of the album. The song "Story" reminds me of the days when rappers would share hood stories of Drug dealing, Robberies and getting money like Biggie Smalls on "Story to Tell". As for the song "Dirty Dirty" it gives off a nice, chill, Caribbean vibe!

I have nothing but the upmost respect for the LOX; However, a 'Living Off Xperience' album in 2020, shouldn't sound like a Living Off Experience mixtape from 2007. Maybe we will get a Living Off Xperience 2, showcasing more growth!

Written by: Olufemi Dakim Fortson

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