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The Journey Within: A Pathway to Self Love

A Stitch of Appreciation Goes A Long Way: The Impact of Expressing Gratitude Inwardly

"I embrace my flaws with gratitude, for they are the stepping stones to growth and self-acceptance."

Middle Aged Woman Knits on The Porch
Smiling as she weaves yarn into a masterpiece.

Not too long ago, I decided to start a creative project, but I wanted to learn a new way to do something I have enjoyed for years. Grabbing my crochet needles and a few skeins of colorful yarn, I headed over to " YouTube university", so I could learn a new stitch and create a beautiful scarf to wear in the fall. I admit being frustrated in the beginning, and having to pull it apart over and over again. It just seemed like I kept making mistakes.! Then it dawned on me that my mistakes were simply a reflection of my learning curve. So, I gave myself permission to learn how to intertwine the strands of yarn, patiently, allowing the mistakes to occur, and then, leaving them so that I could visually reflect on my progress as I continued.

That's when I had an amazing epiphany! What if I learned to love myself with the same level of patience? What if I appreciated my own less than favorable moments , as points of reflection in order to modify my perspective about my personal journey ? What if the moments in our lives , including our tragedies are just like those new stitches , providing opportunities to reflect and appreciate ourselves deeply ? In the beautiful tapestry of self-love, gratitude and appreciation play a profound role. Expressing thankfulness allows us to acknowledge and cherish our strengths and accomplishments.

Man sits quietly weighing the gravity of his own choices.
Quiet Spaces Add Volume To The Whispers Inside The Mind

Philosophically, learning to appreciate ourselves more deeply helps us to extend this gratitude outward to others. Take a moment to reflect on your life. What are some of the strengths that have carried you through challenges? What accomplishments have made you proud? Acknowledge and appreciate these moments of growth, as they are essential threads woven into the fabric of your unique being. Then, for the next seven days, contemplate and identify something you are grateful for in your life. It can be a personal quality, a recent achievement, a cherished memory, or even the love and support of a dear friend.

Woman reads her pasts journal entries with gratitude
She studies a reflection of her thoughts in order to measure her growth

Journal about this moment of gratitude, expressing why it holds significance in your heart. Let this practice awaken a deeper appreciation for the beauty within and around you. As the week unfolds, observe the subtle shift within you. The practice of daily gratitude will begin to uplift your spirit, opening your eyes to the abundance of blessings in your life. Gratitude is like a stone dropped into a still pond; its ripples spread far and wide. As you learn to appreciate yourself, expressing gratitude to others becomes more natural.

Gratitude and appreciation are like the strands of yarn that have the potential of creating a beautiful blanket of self-love. As we embrace our imperfections, we build inner strength and exude the warmth of gratitude and appreciation towards those around us. Then, we start emitting a frequency of genuine acknowledgement of blessings that surround us.

Author: Luci P. Blog Contributor


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