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Metal to Magnet

Okay here I am

ready to expand my mind


jump feet first into yours...

I tried to ignore the-magnet to

metal effect.

Even tried to look at another on some "next"

type shit.

Who am I fooling

you are the one who is ruling

and the one who has me drooling

from slightest... touch.

YOU make me need to add taste to smell

You don't know me brother

oh but you know me so Well.

You make my nipples swell

and my vajay-jay cry

and If I was a ride or die type chick

You would be it

I would be wherever you're at...

and without a word, take your ball and bat

and start swinging for third base.

But the case of the matter...

I am not the batter type

but I am also not the running type...

I just want you to be like love Jones...

"The brother of my night"

Will that be alright?

Baby you got me night-time dancing

and day time singing

the stuff you bringing is hypnotic.

So let me put you on the spot

by asking...

Is that a gun in your pocket

or you just happy to read me?


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