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... And He Knew Her Part 1

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

There was no turning back. I was here. 


Why the hell did I agree to meet him at church?  Me and God broke up years ago if he did exist I know his ass got a smug look on his face, like he knew I'd be back. 

It was something about Monroe that had me doing things I wouldn't normally do. Especially break one of my rules to not date religious people. He was the first since my exodus, but oh he earned it. He was worth a broken rule here and there.  I'm sure he was breaking his by dating me. 

So here I am and here he comes smiling as he sees me pull in the parking lot.  Yeah, I couldn't turn around now. 

He was dressed casual and looked like he just had an upper room experience. There was such beautiful joy on his face.  He made me feel like the only woman in the world, always. He kept me happy in the moments.  That meant some shit in my world.  

He opened my car door and extended his hand. I took it without hesitation. 

"You are amazing," he whispered in my ear. 

"You are an Atheist and you still care enough about me to come to my church." How you feeling, nervous?" 

I laughed out loud.  I didn't mean to but I wasn't the one who should be nervous. 

"Contrary love, I just look at it as an experience.  As long as you are willing to read the slave Bible and discuss kemetic and the origin of religions with an open mind, I can do this."

He placed a finger to my lips, "I always have an open mind love, always."

He flashed that smile again. 

"Then we are good." I smiled back.  My face hurt. I wasn't use to so much smiling. 

He placed his arm around my waist leading me into the building I never thought I would return to, except for funerals and weddings. 

As soon as we walked in I could smell the desperation rising from the single men and woman.  We were swarmed before we took our seats... 

"Who is this brother Monroe." 

"Oh sister, you got a good faithful man here.” “Don't let him go." 

"Monroe you picked yourself a pretty one." 

And then the familiar... "God is good" 

I actually said,  "all the time" ... Just as easily as I say bless you when someone sneezes. 

But it was not lost on Monroe who shot me a sarcastic look and said quietly. 

"My plan is working, amen?" 

I smacked his sarcastic ass on the arm and we went to sit on one of those hard ass pews.  If these mother fuckers don't stop staring at us as if we’re about to jump up and do a praise dance. 

Blah blah blah welcome church 

Blah blah blah choir

Blah blah blah announcements 

Blah blah blah choir again

Wait a minute no his ass ain't getting up.  What I miss?

"In memory of his deceased mother who was a loyal member of this church we welcome brother Monroe upfront to remember her in song."  

The Pastor extended his arm towards us and took his seat and the congregation urged Monroe on, "Oh this shit bout to be good," I said under my breath. 

 This was our 5th date and I didn't know he could sing. We pretty much stayed clear of discussing our differences because we had so much in common.  But as much as I love music why did this man not mention he could blow?  This will end bad if he get up there sounding like, Lord help him." And 

"That’s alright."

This copper colored 6ft 2in man opened his mouth and with the strength of a thousand Marvin Gaye’s, he sung Eye on the Sparrow

I don’t think it was the spirit moving me, but I stood to my feet and almost yelled. "Sang that shit"... But I just -- ‘church girl rocked’ -- as my nipples got hard and I pictured him naked and using that voice to call my name. 

If God were real he would surely send down some lightning as my Yoni moistened and I stared at him with passionate lust.

The sister next to me broke out in a tribal dance, which she thought was the Holy Ghost, but was just the same thing I was feeling… A dopamine release that she could not contain.  I wanted to tell her ass to sit the fuck down.  Yet who was I to interrupt her joyous release?  She looked like she didn't get much sexy time anyway.  This was her release. 

 "Get yours sister." 

He finished about 3 times as the congregation kept encouraging him.  He finally finished for the last time... This time he looked straight into my eyes and belted out  "I know he watches meeeee.”  He made that song as sexual as hell!

King, you better stop tempting me before I have your ass butt naked in this holy bathroom using the lord’s name in vain. 

He came and sat down next to me and put his hand in mine. 

"You felt that shit didn't you?"

I looked around knowing someone heard his ass.  He chuckled at my reaction. 

I didn't hear shit else in that building.  All I could hear was his voice and imagine him

staring at me as I lay under him welcoming his holy rod into my sacred temple.  Sex dammit… I wanted to fuck him until his dick was perfectly formed to my pussy... Whew I had to get that out... 

Blah blah blah come back again

Blah blah blah you sung that song

Blah blah blah...

Let's go Damnnn!

He walked me to my car,

"You ready to say goodbye or maybe we can get a room and start on those kemetic lessons?"

  He stood close enough to me that I could smell his breath and it was fragrant like frankincense and Myrrh.

"No I'm never too tired to educate the willing,” I said seductively moving closer to him.  He looked around satisfied that everyone was not all up in our business and leaned in and kissed me quickly.

"I'm gonna book a room and send you the address and meet you there or do you want to eat first?"  

"I'm not hungry for food,” I said staring in his hazel eyes. 

"OK Queen, then I will see you in a few."

He closed my door and turned to walk away. 

"You know I'm not thinking about no kemetic lessons right?” I said to his back. 

"You know I'm not thinking about teaching you the 10 commandments right?” He said not turning around. 

I sat in my car and waited for his text on what hotel to meet him at.  I almost felt guilty thinking about all the ways I was going to make him sin. 

My phone buzzed and an address of the nearest Marriott came through.  Below it the message read:

" My hopes are to not only continue to get to know you mentally but to also KNOW you in the biblical sense.  Not only Atheists get horny 💕

... To be cont 

~ Nile

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