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Scarlet Moans

I have outgrown childish things

but I still crave danger

the simple sudden crying out

anxious breath awaiting

tears not sure weather to continue the path

or stop and laugh

at the silliness of it all

I long to see you suffer in ecstasy

reach out to me and beg for doses of venom

I am awaiting for your admittance of Privation

so that I can deprive you some more until starvation sets in

and when I feed you

you will lick your fingers and be grateful for the specks I throw

you will praise your captor, and await my cruel love

This my dear

is not a childish game

it is love in the mind of a torturous soul

but you desire me

and my bottom misses the scarlet of your hit

I never miss

I am directly on target

I crave danger, and you are peccable

so I give and you take

and for heavens sake.....we abandon the discerning

and sing praises of yearning


Word play makes me horny... Always 

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